Tommy Boccuto began his career in 1989 working as a DJ in various clubs in the province of Bari. In September 1991 he was contacted by disco CABAN Altamura (BA), proposing House Music where he is appreciated by the public, making it in the winter season 1991 / 92 and 1992/93 resident, working with artists Isa-B, Polettini David, Janet and Francesca of Match Music TV, when the TV program most watched by the audience of the night. CABAN to know an Art Director where he was offered to work at JIMMI'Z, disco Bari today no longer operational, where he enriched his popularity working with dee-jay-class some names: JT. VANNELLI, RALF, ALEX BLACKS, ROGER SANCHEZ, BOB SINCLAIR, MARTIN SOLVEIG, Little He VEGA, CARL COX, MBG, Fargetta, ALBERTINO, MOLELLA, GIGI D'AGOSTINO, etc etc ... To this point Tommy Boccuto became resident Jimmy ' z for four seasons from 94/95 to 97/98. In the same period it was contacted dall'Altraradio radio station known to Bari, where he started the experience in radio mixing on Saturday afternoon in the direct hit of the moment. In '99 leads the program "PR (public relations)" promoted dala disco DIVINAE FOLLIE Bisceglie (BA), a popular nightclub Puglia. Tommy B. begins to experience its famous House in various European clubs: the IPPODROME CLUB Corfu (Greece), SOUND FACTORY in Roda (Greece), APOCALYPSE Corfu (Greece), PRIVILLEGE Corfu (Greece) CLUB COCA Corfu (Greece). It all started from the racecourse one night in August 2000 and then was reelected resident in the summer seasons of the years 2001/03/02, together with MBG dj / producer of international renown and head of the famous record company 9Records Riccione. He found much success Tommy Boccuto was contacted by several clubs: WAIKIKI (FG), GRECALE (FG), METROPOLIS (FG), BOLINA (BA), DNA (TA), NAUTILUS (BA), Renoir (BA) shalter (BA), JUBILEE (BA), Nafura (TA), gourgeous (BA), VILLA (BA), FARM GARAPPA (BR), PHOENIX (BA), OLYMPUS (ISERNIA) GOTA (Riccione) SESTOSENSO (BA), Peter Pan (Riccione) and many others. In winter 2001-02 -03-04-05-06 resident at DEMODE 'Bitritto (BA) again with dj / producers to international levels: DENNY BUDDAH MORALES, DAVE CAMACHO, Lukino, CLAUDIO COCCOLUTO, FEDERICA BEBY DOLL, FLAVIO OLD, RIKI MONTANARI, IVAN IACOBUCCI and many more ... In the summer of 2006 working at Tommy B. PECAN JAZZ (MT), Kabiria (MT), which also handles the artistic direction. He currently performs in Southern Italy and is resident at DEMODE 'today disco offering a poster art ranging from live-show of the biggest names in music nationally and internationally (by Caparezza in Boy George). In the winter of 2013 Tommy B. joined the family of Radiosoundcity known radio Bari Streaming conducting a program entitled "Trend Deep" offering his DJ sets of the best house music; in the month of August 2013 he opened his own independent label B74Records ....!

- Producer

- In May 2003 Tommy Boccuto Together MBG released her label debut 9record Riccione: "The Guitar" (promo 12 "), where it met with great success, in October of the same year, Tommy B. Post another track (always together with MBG) entitled "Tommy Sound" on the compilation "belong END", the release of label 9RECORDS CD, September 2006 another debut entitled "ESTI" in the compilation "Morpheus" December 2006 "REACH", " always in the compilation. "in recent years, Tommy B. dedicated his time searching for new sounds and in December 2012 he debuted with his first label album" ENDRENALIN "mini mix of Zimbalam containing two original tracks" full of Endrenalin "and" Night Lighiting up. "

The sound of Tommy Boccuto is always best described as a combination of various types of music, a very personal style and rich with a broad background music, which is considered as the key to its success. many of its productions we can find them in many Italian and foreign compilations.In March 2015 with his single The Sentinel released under his Label (B74 Records) he puts 49th place on ITunes in Brazil ..! In the month of March 2017 Tommy Boccuto hard "Groovy Land" came out on Label Overbeat Records was supported by Bob Sinclar also entering ranked on Radio Ibiza TREND PARADE WEEK SELECTION ....!In August 2017 he opens the Puputy Records sub label of B74 Records .

'Today his music off label on B74Records , Puputy Records and many other labels: Here we list a few: Get In Shape Recordings - Decadencia - Recording Eivissa - ABP - emun Music - refrigeration Grooves Music - Control Dub Records - Workout Music Servica - Volt9Records - Ibiza Lounge Records - Electro Babes - House Place Records - hero in My Hood - Electro Superstar - United States - Sports Audio Tools - Ruli media - MiniMarket registration - Nu Traxx Records - Overbeat Records - Jango Music Records - Disco Balls Records - Cruise Music - Smilax Publishing - Jungle Funk Recordings - Traktoria Records . Stay tuned...!

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